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On-the-spot report


After the success of " Paa ko Mahal ko Part I " last 2 years ago.. I,again witness the happiness of the relocation children this July 31, 2011 "Part II of Paa ko mahal ko".Did you know how happy the children of Northville 2 on that day?.. I saw their eyes twinkling..., I felt their heart shivering...,

I heard their voice of happiness...,although they suffered an hour of waiting on their assigned line but still I witnessed their angelic face very excited waiting for the opportunity to have sandals from NPO Plumeria.

We have 21 volunteers ,15 officials from relocation, 6 volunteer nurses..., The program started at 10 am in the morning, finished at 11:50 am..., The program started by an opening prayer. After praying and thanking God for this blessing from NPO Plumeria , we distributed sandals and food for children at the same time . ..,



while doing the event we had 6 volunteer nurses on that day that offers FREE BP check up for the adult. Almost 359 children beneficiary of this event and around 110 adults had the chance to checked their Blood Pressure (BP).

Before the program end Miss Mosang ,the phil. comedian distributed her donated toys mixed with school supplies item for those less fortunate children .

One of the volunteer donated 5 groceries for 1 week for those less fortunate ones,it was a "RAFFLE" system. the lucky bag contains rice, noodles, can goods, milk, coffee, soap and laundry soap.







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The origin of the activities of Plumeria Cebu Educational Association Inc. was
donating wheelchairs for those indigent handicapped people in Negros privately
started in 1995 and we transferred to Cebu in the year 1999 to support those
poor but deserving students with the help from Japanese foster parents.

We’ve once held more than 200 beneficiaries of our scholarship program
around Cebu and have been continuing our activities until now. Recently,
we’ve expanded our operation to Luzon specifically around Manila to support
charity activities of student bodies that help indigent children by holding
feeding programs and donating school supplies and other necessities.

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